Bikers for Brooke

Bikers for Brooke was one of the first fundraisers for The Healey family.  Brooke was 4 years old and still fighting at the time. There wasn’t an official foundation to support, but nonetheless, the motorcycle community, made up of family, friends, friends of friends, and strangers alike came out in droves. To say this event is near and dear to our hearts is a huge understatement.

Bikers for Brooke became a well-known ride and is one of three major events we now hold annually to benefit The Brooke Healey Foundation. It’s the one event, however, that takes the most time to plan, uses the most volunteer resources, and raises the least amount of money,

The Brooke Healey Foundation board met recently to identify our goals for 2019. Having a greater impact — funding more research to find a cure for DIPG and supporting more children and their families who are suffering — is at the top of this list. That means we must continue to grow financially.

Because of these reasons and with our longer-term goals as an organization in mind, the board voted to discontinue Bikers for Brooke. It was one of the more emotional votes the board has had to date. There was barely a dry eye among us.

Even now, it’s difficult to share this news with you. The time you have dedicated and generosity you offered — as volunteers, riders, escorts, sponsors, community businesses, organizations and agencies — to Bikers for Brooke has been incredible. Make no mistake — your efforts made a difference!!

We’ll take the things we learned from Bikers for Brooke with us in other endeavors.

We won’t stop until we find a cure.  We hope you’ll join us. Many opportunities to lend your voice, donate your time, and contribute monetarily will arise in the future. Please reach out to us to stay involved. Follow the Brooke Healey Foundation Facebook page and visit for all the latest information.

Thank you doesn’t quite cover it.

With sincere appreciation and grateful hearts,

Sandy Castle & Alissa Rust
Co-Chairs, Bikers for Brooke
Board Members, The Brooke Healey Foundation



Thanks to the Kelsey Run!

Thanks to the Kelsey Run!


Bikers-4-Brooke 2013

Bikers-4-Brooke 2013