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Only 4% of annual government funding goes to pediatric cancers, and that’s spread over 24 different types of cancer. Parents and Foundations like ours are critical to funding research to find a cure. Steve Healey is helping lead an effort to change legislation and pass HR4429, The Fairness to Kids with Cancer Act.
Our contribution to research is mainly done as a Foundational Partner of the DIPG/DMG Collaborative — a collection of foundations with the common interest of supporting DIPG research. The Collaborative has funded nearly $8 million in DIPG research so far, and experts believe that finding a cure for DIPG will result in a “home run cure” for all cancers.
The DIPG/DMG Collaborative is also responsible for creating the DIPG Registry — a joint effort by physicians and researchers from North America, Europe and Australia to centralize and standardize the collection of clinical data and tumor samples from DIPG patients.
The goal of this effort is to support innovative research and ultimately find a cure for DIPG. As a result, other disease researchers are seeking the Collaborative's guidance to create a similar model.
Steve Healey was named Membership/Research Ambassador, DIPG/DMG Collaborative in Aug. 2018 and is responsible for recruiting a record number of Foundations.

Experts believe that in order to truly cure cancer you have to focus on those cancers that are the “biggest bullies” like DIPG. That’s why they also believe finding a cure for DIPG could lead to a home run cure for all cancers.

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  • Donated to Dr. Souwedaine at Cornell and Dr. Becher Duke, two of the leading DIPG doctors and researchers.

  • Donated $5,000 to Heartworks, the 501c3 organization that supported us before we became our own foundation

  • Donated to MSKCC

2020 DIPG/DMG Collaborative Meeting


Your donations go directly to help families dealing with pediatric cancer and supporting targeted research. Experts in the field believe that finding a cure for DIPG may lead to a cure for all cancers.

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