Ashton Brooke Bryn 156The Brooke Healey Foundation is proud to acknowledge students that excel in their communities as well as individuals that shine within the medical profession.

The Butterfly award is presented annually at The Brooke Healey Foundation Golf Outing. The butterfly award recognizes an individual in the medical field that continually goes above and beyond the scope of their job outline to help comfort, heal, or touch a pediatric patient in ways no other medical professional was able to do. The compassion of these individuals help struggling families cope and deal with the tragedies they face. The Butterfly award was created with its first  recipient, Mary Petriccione, in mind. Mary was Brooke’s nurse practitioner at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. This award will always be presented in Mary’s honor and in Brooke’s memory.


Scholarship Recipients
The New Providence and Madison High School Scholarship awards are presented annually to two  Seniors from each school in recognition of students who have volunteered their time to the community in a positive way. Interested applicants fill out a form found at their schools guidance department and The Brooke Healey Foundation Board members vote on the deserving recipients.